Fiber Arts

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a sewing machine sitting on top of a table next to a red piece of art
Christine Mauersberger of Cleveland, Ohio, USA | Weekly Artist Fibre Interviews
a person is holding something in front of a piece of art made out of rope
Artist Feature: Crossing Threads
a woman is weaving yarn on a loom with her hands and arm over it
The Art of Handweaving: A Behind-the-Scenes Journey
a close up view of a crocheted blanket with balls of yarn on it
Melodie Nicolle | Fiber Art for Your Home & Handspun Yarns for Your Crafts — Melodie Nicolle - Fiber Artist | Textile Designer
a woman is weaving white yarn on a rug
Unlocking the Magic of Weaving: Behind the Scenes with Rebecca Whitaker Art
a woman standing next to a large piece of art made out of yarn and beads
Crossing Threads®