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four different types of embroidered designs on white fabric
signature tablecloth project, floral details
signature tablecloth project, floral details
an old book with various flowers and other things on the front cover, which are labeled in
An Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery Flowers 121 Designs by Deanna Hall West
:) flowers
a quilt with many different flowers on it and some birds in the middle of it
Di Van Niekerk
Rose sampler by Di van Niekerk
some flowers and butterflies on a wall
China. Hong Kong.
fabulous silk ribbon daffodils and hyacynth
a cross stitch pattern with flowers and words written on the front, in different colors
a pink flower with green stems on a white cloth background, next to a blue ribbon
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Tutorial - Iris
SRE iris tutorial
three pink flowers on a white background
ribbon embroidery
a bouquet of pink flowers in a yellow vase
a basket of roses1
beautiful ribbon embroidery!
the cover of ribbon embroidery and stumpwork
Di Van Niekerk
a woman with long red hair is wearing a purple dress and has flowers in her hair
detail of embroidered hair
Detail of embroidered hair by Gracie's Garden Bazaar
an embroidered tree on a piece of cloth
wonderful trees
a painting of some flowers on a table
Ribbon embroidery from Kristina in Sweden
details of an amazing silk ribbon embroidery ~ click through to see the entire piece on a beautiful blog ...
an oil painting of flowers in pots on a ledge
Beautiful embroidery from St Petersburg, Russia
Close-up detail