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two clear glass vases sitting side by side on a black background, one is empty
Pleksi Showroom - Pleksi
water vowel panel new... 🤔 wow nice 🙂 😳👍❤️
water level panel 3,500 feet new... idea..👍❤️💡 LED
100ft RGB 5050 Led Strip Lights
This RGB (red,green,blue) 5050 type led strip lights are a pack of 2 rolls (50ft) total 100ft; Good for gaming roomsn& setups. The smart led lights strips are in multiple control modes via smart app control, 44 keys remote and controller box; MUSIC SYNC: The strip lights has a smart music mode, lights color will change with the rhythm of the sound and music, sensitivity adjustable microphone. Applicable for create romantic, relaxed and party atmosphere