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Family Tree Abbreviations used in Family History Research

As you conduct family history research, you are sure to discover many family tree abbreviations in transcripts of Parish Registers, other transcripts, indexes and genealogy books

Missing Birth Record? Here’s What You Can Do To Track It Down

Have you ever had a case of a missing birth record, in a time and place where you know there should be one? It's so frustrating! Recently Michelle shared her…

The Forgotten Federal Census of 1885 Can Be Found Online for Free

In 1879 the U.S. government asked the states to take a semi-decennial census in 1885 - in addition to the upcoming 1880 and 1890 censuses - with the promise that they would cover 50% of the costs of the undertaking.

Find and Use the U.S. Census Mortality Schedules for Genealogy

Are you in search of a date or place of death for a certain member of your family tree but keep coming up empty handed? Mortality schedules may be the key to finding the missing piece of your puzzle.


How to Find Ancestors Who Came to the U.S. Through Ellis Island

You can easily use the free Ellis Island online search to find out more about your immigrant ancestors who came through there.

Why Your Ancestor's Occupation Matters To Your Genealogy Research | Are You My Cousin?

Your ancestor's occupation provides valuable clues in your genealogy research. Learn how to determine what your ancestor did for a living and why it matters.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Save Your Family Heirlooms - The Family Curator

Did you inherit the family treasures? These five tips will help you be your own family archivist and preserve your family heirlooms.

9 Unexpected Places to Find Ancestor Photos - Heart of the Family

It is wonderful to uncover the facts of an ancestor's life, but putting a face to a name is the most amazing discovery of all. Find out where to look for ancestor photos.

My TOP 7 TIPS For Finding Old Photos of Ancestors

Okay, I can't bottle my excitement any longer. Portraits DO exist, and my 6 year search is over. Presenting... George Washington BURNES, & Sarah Walker BURNES my Great, Great, Great Grandparents. 13 children, married 55 years, Christian, 700 acre farm, Hope Indiana, Norristown Cemetery. A HUGE Thank you goes out to Gary Ziegler a 4th cousin from Indiana for these photos :) It's so great to finally see their faces 6 years after I found them. Thanks to facebook and the Internet I was able to…

Thousands of 1890 Census Records DO Still Exist: Here's How to Find Them for Free | Family History Daily

Many family historians are fully aware of the fact that the 1890 census, which contained more than 60 million individuals, was destroyed in the early 20th

German Census Records DO Exist

For a long time, German census records were thought not to exist. But they do! A leading German genealogy expert tells us how they’ve been discovered and catalogued—and where you can learn about…

How to Find Your Ancestors' Divorce Records | Are You My Cousin?

Ancestors did not always live happily ever after. Learn how to search for an ancestor's divorce records and find clues to advance your genealogy research.

7 Little-Used Tricks for Finding That Missing Maiden Name | Family History Daily

If you're completely stuck trying to find the maiden name of one, or many, of your female ancestors you're not alone. Here are some tricks to help.

ICD Codes on Death Certificates Can Tell You How Your Ancestors Died

When causes of death are unreadable or confusing you can look up ICD codes to find the cause of death in a clearly written database.