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A couple of San Francisco-based designers have launched a new lamp that looks like a little robot man. The "Lampster" has a head that is based on old-style

The secret life of the Starbucks Siren

The Secret Life of the Starbucks Siren Abe Green I never been a super a crazy fan of coffee, yes I drink I last one cup of coffee every day and I love the taste of a strong coffee, never with.

Cedel Scented Hairspray

Cedel Scented HairsprayAgency: Epic Country: Melbourne, Australia Creative Director and Designer: Glen Crawforth

Luminary Quarter Beer Packaging

Luminary Quarter beer packaging is a project Josh Schott worked on as a graduate student at Temple University/Tyler School of Art. Luminary Quarter is a non

Aligned Lamp from daast Studio

daast is a young design studio from Australia that recently debuted their Aligned lamp. With a 360 degree rotation, the fulcrum makes the lamp highly functional while also acting as a design element. With each angle, it casts a different glow, from ambien