Aysenur Dedeoglu Karaca

Aysenur Dedeoglu Karaca

Aysenur Dedeoglu Karaca
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Titoki Sawmill - Hexagonal Bird Aviary Manufacturer

New Zealand timber products manufacturer.Supplying hexagonal bird aviaries direct to the public

My current aviary is a transformed, sturdy, wooden playhouse that is truly perfect but for the bees and the fact that I cannot stand up inside. I'd love something this tall that allows for my cockatiels to roost higher that the fence cats prowl at night.

Besides its size, you should also look at the inside of the house also. Don't worry should youn't have a spare room (I never have), because you're still able to make a terrific free range area.

Rabbit hutch

We will probably have this in our home because we seem to love bunnys and I HATE dirty stinky cages! This distinctive rabbit hutch, elevated for easy cleaning, is a great source of droppings that get recycled to fertilize the roses.

Aviary from old gazebo.

AVIARY idea from old gazebo great idea! One day I'd love to have a pet bird and it would be neat to have something like this in the garden for it to get outdoor time :)! Interesting use for a gazebo!

Que tal uma forma mais divertida de alimentar os pets? DIY e Artesanato | Madame Inspiração | #SeJogaNaMadame

Here is one for DIY enthusiast - a great DIY project showing you how to turn an old wine bottle and some wood into this lovely little bird feeder idea.