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an office floor plan with several tables and chairs
Hospitality Design | Sara Audrey Small | Archinect
Commercial Design
a drawing of a closet with clothes hanging on the door and shelves in front of it
Standard Dimensions Closet Layouts Dimensions
two wooden sculptures sitting side by side on a table
Still Rising! - Yanko Design
Magic folding Shell
a wooden floor with squares and lines on the bottom half, in front of a white background
Still Rising! - Yanko Design
a bamboo floor mat with a wooden structure on top and another piece of wood that has been cut in half
Robert Van Embriqs’ “Rising Furniture” series
a large wooden structure sitting on top of a table next to other woodworking supplies
Rising chair par Robert van Embricqs par Carpenter37
an image of a wooden structure that looks like it is made out of wood sticks
Rising chair par Robert van Embricqs par Carpenter37
three pieces of wood are shown with the numbers 3 and 5 on them, including one that has been cut out to look like an origami
25 Unique Chair Designs for Modern Interiors
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a floor
Fascinatingly Simple - Yanko Design
three different views of a wooden structure with circles and squares on it, including the top one
Keeping it Neutral
an image of some sort of object that is in the shape of a bird with its wings
Fascinatingly Simple - Yanko Design
the curved chair is made from wood and has been designed to look like a spiral staircase
Wucius Wong’s Principles of Three-Dimensional Design (1976)