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two people standing next to each other with the words astralion approval in act one
Astarion Approval Guide Act One
Dragons, Fandom, Art, Geek, Fantasy, Dnd Funny
an older man is talking on his cell phone and another person is looking at him
an image of the names of different characters in game of thrones and dragon age
she's wliteally hittin the gwiddy
an image of a text message with the caption's in english and spanish
lit·​er·​al·​ly by·ron·ic
an article about how to play the game rowanswirr's sabonner
Videos, Character Tropes, Rpg, Amusing, D D Memes
an image of the different types of men in video game outfits for males and females
Armor Concept, Skyrim
Baldur's Gate 3 Dyes
a group of different colored dresses and headgear for barbie's summer - very rare eye colors
an image of the different types of female characters in video game character costumes and outfits
PLAN THINE DRIP (@bg3-dyes)
an image of the different types of medieval clothing for people to wear in their own country
PLAN THINE DRIP (@bg3-dyes)
the different types and sizes of men's pants for each type of body shape
body type 1
an image of the different types of men's clothes and their names in english
PLAN THINE DRIP (@bg3-dyes)