ottoman kaftan

Short Sleeve Appliqued Kaftan of Murad III. Identical in pattern to a century Kaftan associated with Suleyman III except their lengths are different and this one had Banded closures and the later one just buttons.

Ottoman, caftan from 16th century

Sultan's caftan silk caftan from century (Museum Topkapi, Istanbul)

Ottoman Clothing And Garments, Caftan, Ahmet II

Caftan with short sleeves associated with Ahmet II ivory colored satin decorated with brown three circle pattern, Century, Imperial Wardrobe Collection, Topkapı Palace Museum

kaftan, kumaş, osmanlı, ottoman

Prelate’s cope of gold-woven Ottoman silk, dedicated by the Metropolitan of Nikomedeia, Neophytos, to the Monastery of St John the Forerunner at Serres.

Caftan, c. XVI Century

eclektic: Caftan, c. XVI Century Topkapi Museum, Istanbul, Turkey***one of my all time print motifs - the circle within circle~~~

Kaftan made of hareli gezi, mid 18th century, Topkapı Palace Museum

Kaftan made of hareli gezi, mid century, Topkapı Palace Museum. "hareli" means "moiré". This is well out-of-period, but it illustrates how high up the side gores are mounted.

Turkish Chamber (Türckische Cammer) a Ottoman collections Museum since 1500s in Dresden, Germany.

Ottoman shoes, Purchase by Augustus the Strong, Length: 2 cm, weight: Dresden State Art Collections.