hair color billboard-brilliant! the sky's the limit

Koleston natural hair ad

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26 Images That Will Break Your Brain.... Some of these are seriously insane!

26 Images That Will Break Your Brain. Some of these are seriously insane! Does nobody get the face guy? Its just half of a face with cut out edges to look like a side view. Its really quite amazing.

Neverending, constant flow of apps. Almost endless. Aimed at business people, students who could be considering an iphone. Uses surrealism, the apps can't really be "endless".

This is cool, the escalator has been turned to look like an iPhone screen with a whole range of apps. This is advertising apples endless apps. It would be hard to miss this whilst you are travelling up the escalator.

Creative McDonalds advertising

20 Creative McDonalds Ads

I found this ad to be very clever due to its unique way of showing that McDonalds is open at night with the spotlights that are shining the light to light up the display create the famous golden arches.

Who can kill Spidey ?   Not even his greatest ennemies J.J. Jameson, Venom, the Green Jester, Mysterio, ... but Baygon can !

ELIPSIS This is so funny. Raid saying it can kill all insects-- spiderman ! Love the cleverness!

AD ANALYSIS: TOBASCO / FIRE MOUTH // Personal Appeal: Adventure. It took a second to realize that it was a mouth, so I could imagine that the average reader felt the same way. I was instantly intrigued. Even the hair stubble on the cheek gives that representation of gravel/rock. Literary Method: Humor. Visual Method: Cropping. Graphic Space: Symmetry. Cultural Resonance: Subcultures.

Creative advertising

This ad is interesting and I love how the mouth looks like a volcano because of the hotness of the Tabasco sauce. The picture says it it all and doesn't need to much explaining to know this is a ad for a hot sauce.

Creativity- flexible fabric band-aid can be used by one and all! #brand #branding #advertising #socialmedia

30 Creative and Effective Ad Campaigns for 2011

Use of a comic hero always wins me over. This ad shows the strength of Band-Aid brand bandages. If they can hold up to the Hulk, they can handle your boo boo too.

Heineken print advertisement.   #advertisement #creative #printmedia

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