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crochet bag I like the idea of combining dc with flowers for a sweater or a shawl too

+172 Değişik Örgü Çanta Modelleri

+172 Değişik Örgü Çanta Modelleri

Denim Bag & Belt - Crochet this cute bag and belt combo to go with anything . Bag size: across, belt is 1 wide x desired length.

Although I haven't posted any crochet for ages, my hook has been very busy! blogged

Add flowers - new lease of life for my faded pink bag? Try smaller motifs and subtle colours

DIY Plastic Canvas Glasses Case

This glasses case with bold geometric zigzag pattern and bright colors looks great, we can change the color to Classic Missoni prints, sounds great, right? Materials: Plastic canvas Yarn – two colors Needle Scissors ---- More DIY Ideas ----