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The Crossbow Row 1 & Row Row 3 Row Left: Right Row 5 Row 6 & (From) Medieval & Renaissance Warfare Encyclopedia

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Mace--not to be confused with the spiked ball on a chain which is a morningstar.

I'm good with most weapons, especially with a dagger and a trident, so I know I…

Medieval Arms and Armour - Battle Axes, Spears and Maces

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This is probably the most famous ninja weapon in the world, everybody knows, specially who likes Naruto or kung fu movies

Microtech Jagdkommado Knife Custom Blade, Titanium

Microtech Jagdkommado Knife Custom Blade, Titanium

Gungnir, Enchanted Spear of Odin. $320.00, via Etsy.

Gungnir Enchanted Spear of Odin by WarFireForge on Etsy - This shop has a bunch of steampunk stuff and options for custom made fantasy weapons.