Galata ottoman #ottoman

Istanbul is full of amazing architect! Here is the the tallest tower in Istanbul the Galata Tower. I heard a rumor that the top of the tower is used to spot fires in the city.

Okmeydanı, 1930lar #istanbul istanlook

Okmeydanı, 1930lar #istanbul istanlook

1943, Maiden's Tower / Kız Kulesi #istanbul #documentary #photography #istanlook

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İLK TELEFON MEMURELERİ.1912, İstanbulda telefon hizmeti veren Dersaadet Telefon Anonim Şirket-i Osmaniyesi

The first female employees of a private telephone company (Dersaadet Telefon Anonim Şirket-i Osmaniyesi) in Istanbul,