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Link is in Russian, but I can see this is recycled t-shirt "yarn" very nicely upcycled into a clutch. Even the tassel!

bucket purse || mini bucket bag || t shirt yarn purse || crochet bag

Crochet bucket purse | Mini bucket bag | T shirt yarn green purse | Crochet crossbody purse | 2017 Trend accessories | Shoulder bucket bag

Hacer Súper Chunky Hilados de tejido de terciopelo triturado | embarcaciones mí feliz !: Hacer Súper Chunky Hilados de tela de terciopelo machacado

How to make super chunky yarn for extreme knitting from a sheet of crushed velvet, or any other jersey fabric. Literally just found a large piece of crushed velvet fabric as well as some stretchy stuff I'll try this out with.

La puntada de mimbre: Trabaja la puntada de mimbre

New to Needlepoint? Try These 54 Popular Needlepoint Stitches

The Wicker Stitch is a textured filling stitch that resembles a woven, wicker basket.: Working the Wicker Stitch

fibrearts: “ Silai Embroidery ”

Stitch carpets and cushions. SILAÏ means “stitch” in the Indian language and represents a reinterpretation of petit point embroidery.