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art projects for kids that include colorful buildings and the words paul rice castle by fifth grade students
Paul Klee Art Lesson | Deep Space Sparkle
Introduce Klee’s works and teach about warm and cool colors. Use watercolor paints, scraps of watercolor paper and a waterproof marker.
the quadrilaterl cluster worksheet is shown in three different colors and shapes
Quadrilateral Classification Chart and Mini-Posters
Here's a nice Quadrilateral Classification Chart for students to use during sorting activities.
a close up of a piece of paper on a table with words written in it
Inspire Me, ASAP!
Fun Quadrilaterals Mix and Match FREEBIE :)
four different types of words are shown on the cards that show how to use them
Common Core Catch up. More or Less, comparing attributes and positional words
Geometric shape task cards for geoboards. Great for math tubs or math centers. This whole blog is devoted to math tub ideas and has tons of free math games and activities.
a family tree is shown with all the different things in it's structure and colors
2D Shape Poster: Polygon Family Tree {Flow Chart FREEBIE}
2D Shape Poster: Polygon Family Tree {Flow Chart FREEBIE}
an image of a cartoon book cover with the title'common core geometric unit '
3rd Grade Geometry Unit | Quadrilaterals | Print & Digital
This geometry unit contains hands-on activities, sorts, worksheets, graphic organizers, and games! There is also a geometry vocabulary journal for students to complete. The games include I Have Who Has and Geometry Concentration! Answer keys are included for the worksheets. With this unit students will practice identifying and describing the characteristics of quadrilaterals such as squares, rectangles, trapezoid, rhombus, and kite. Students will also identify and draw plane figures.
three dimensional shapes worksheet for students to practice identifying the area and perimeters
Geometry Match
This is a 2-Dimensional Polygon match for studying geometry. The cards consist of basic geometrical shapes and attributes used to identify them in a "What am I?" format. The polygons included are: triangle, rectangle, square, rhombus, trapezoid, parallelogram, pentagon, hexagon, and octagon.
someone is holding up some cards to show the names of their squares and rectangles
Quadrilaterals Foldable with Cheat Sheet and Venn
Quadrilateral Foldable with Cheat Sheet. Create a Quadrilateral foldable or just pass out the cheat sheet, the choice is yours. Great for an interactive notebook. Students will learn how to classify the following quadrilaterals: Parallelogram, Rectangle, Rhombus, Square, Trapezoid Isosceles, Trapezoid and Kite.
the quadrilateral sort cards are designed to help students learn how to draw shapes
Third Grade Geometry Math Unit
Geometry Attributes 3rd Grade Common Core Unit- my most popular item with 6 days of lessons, activities, games, assessments, and vocab. 28% off!
two dimensional figures worksheet for students to practice comparing and matching the number of objects
Common Core Math {Outside of the Box}
Common Core Math {Outside of the Box} - Open-Ended Math Pages
an interactive notebook with the text free 3rd grade geometry interactive notebook from mr elementary math
3rd Grade Geometry Interactive Notebook
Free 3rd grade geometry interactive notebook from Mr Elementary Math. Aligns to the 3rd grade Common Core standards.
a graphic diagram for the definition of a poem
Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting Lines (Common Core and TEKS based)
Parallel, Perpendicular, Intersecting, and other Lines (Common Core and TEKS aligned)