Şahinde Yılmaz

Şahinde Yılmaz

Şahinde Yılmaz
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I've always felt magical and so awesome & wonderful and have wanted to be the Mrs. to thee Mr. - I've always imagined my Prince Charming rescuing me the damsel in distress =) I heart yooh ^_^ \m/

★ Delicious Brown ★ 21 Cute Illustrations Defining True Love.

This image is dedicated for all, those in long distance relationship, or anyone that’s in love. Love is always magical where two people that grew up in a different environment creating a bridge between the 2 worlds meet.


This image has special meaning to me on many different level. In our lives there'll be bound to be dark, rainy, days. In those gloomy days, remember that there's still love and that life is colorful. This piece though simple is soulful!