Antakya Archaeological Museum, Antioch, Turkey

Antakya Archaeological Museum, Turkey, from ancient Antiochia.hellinistic or roman era?

Antakya Carving, Turkey

Antakya Carving : Turkey : Mountain Photography and Fine Art Prints by Jack Brauer

Antep, Turkey #cities #turkey

Antep, Turkey (will always have a special place in my heart, lived there for three weeks)

Titüs (Vespasianus)Tüneli  Samandağ Hatay Turkey

Titüs (Vespasianus)Tüneli Samandağ Hatay Turkey

Antakya Tepsi Kebabı Tarifi - Sini Kebap Nasıl Yapılır

Most famous Turkish Food! ‘Kebab’ Tray kebab is probably the most delicious Turkish kebab recipe ever! A very healthy way to have Turkish kabab.

Antakya is the seat of the Hatay Province in southern Turkey, near the border with Syria. Known as Antioch in ancient times, the city has historical significance for Christianity, as it was the place where the followers of Jesus Christ were called Christians for the first time. So need to go there!

Mosques, churches and synagogues, the narrow streets of Antioch's strongly shaped by the past by standing side by side, are an example to the world about religious tolerance.