Leather "loom" omg what pretty weaving! Idk when how or why but I need to do…

Paper weave

Karen Barbé is a constant source of grid based eye candy. Her meticulous cross stitch patterns will please and her paper weaving experiments will delight.Another mag.

Wow, this is some of the most unusual knitweave (?) I've seen Really interesting use of vastly different materials.

knot knitting

Contrasting traditional techniques such as macrame and knot-making with unconventional materials, this project explores architectural forms and optical illusions.

Back in 2014 textile designers Helle Gråbæk and Maria Kirk Mikkelsen collaborated on a project to 'Salute the Sketch’. These incomplete weavings, like a sk

Helle Gråbæk and Maria Kirk Mikkelsen - Paper Weaving & Filter Patterns

Delightful woven paper "sketches" from textile designers Helle Gråbæk and Maria Kirk Mikkelsen. Again I like the real life grid of pieces of paper woven together to create colored squares.

Handmade by elke One at a time. By hand. In Boulder, CO www.byelke.com

Handmade by elke

This image shows an interesting technique of threading leather strips through holes to create an effect similar to woven leather.

Tohum İşi Nasıl Yapılır ve Tohum İşi Örnekleri ,  #iğneiletohumişinasılyapılır #tohumişinasılyapılır #tohumişitekniği #tohumişiyapımı , Tohum işi nakışından sizlere çok güzel örnekler hazırladık. Tohum işi nakışını istediğiniz alanda kullanabilirsiniz. Örgü modellerini...

Tohum İşi Nasıl Yapılır ve Tohum İşi Örnekleri

perfect pattern to embroider on some throw pillows, wall hanging, a bedspread or duvet cover! a million color combos. just brilliant! "Wall Art Trio Small Flower by Hand Knitted Things"


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