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two pieces of brown fabric with white beads and green leaves on the bottom one side
the fabric has been stitched together and is green with white flowers on it's side
someone is sewing something on the floor
mavi-yeni-sezon-igne-oyalari - Nazarca.com
a close up of a purple and black fabric with flowers embroidered on the side,
Yeni Hobi: Örgü, Tığ İşi, İğne Oyası Modelleri
the hand is embroidered with colorful flowers on black fabric, and has two fingers in it
an image of a table with some thread and spools
Küçük Gala Çiçeği İğne Oyası Modelleri
an embroidered purple fabric with white flowers on the side and lace at the bottom, along with two pairs of scissors
Knitting Patterns, Bargello, Melisa