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a piece of cake sitting on top of a white and blue platter with walnuts
Romanian Walnut Buttercream Cake
some meatballs are covered in gravy in a skillet with the words southokuka nomad paradise on it
Soutzoukakia Recipe (Rich Greek Meatballs)
russian medovik honey cake on a pink plate with the words russian medovik honey cake
Medovik - Delicious Russian Honey Cake
russian beef stroganooffe recipe in a skillet
Russian Beef Stroganoff Recipe, a Retro Classic of Russian Nobles
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a woman is cutting up some bread on a wooden board with walnuts around it
Traditional 'POTICA' Recipe | Slovenian Walnut Roll Recipe
Traditional 'POTICA' Recipe | Slovenian Walnut Roll Recipe
dumplings with sauce and vegetables on the side, in blue dishes next to them
Manti Steamed Dumplings
a green bowl filled with dumplings on top of a blue cloth next to a knife and fork
Varenyky (Ukrainian Dumplings) - Recipes From Europe
Want to make delicious Varenyky? These classic Ukrainian dumplings are perfectly formed, folded, and stuffed with a potato-onion filling!
the top 25 easy party appetizers that are great for any family to enjoy
25 appetizers, crackers and dips ideas for your next party
Top 25 easy middle eastern party appetizers from chef in disguise. Dips, crackers, and other great appetizers
there is a bowl of soup with tofu and potatoes in it on the table
Czech Garlic Soup – Česnečka (Authentic Recipe) - Cook Like Czechs
Czech Garlic Soup – Česnečka (Authentic Recipe) | Cook Like Czechs
the cover of 25 traditional serbiann recipes with pictures of different dishes and ingredients
The Most Popular Serbian Holiday Recipes
a white plate topped with meat and rice covered in sauces, garnished with parsley
Chicken Giouvetsi | Kalofagas.ca
a wooden spoon filled with some food on top of a stove burner in a pot
Koliva- A Memorial Tradition of the Orthodox Church
some food is in a white bowl on a table and it appears to be stuffed
Make your own Serbian cabbage rolls | CBC News