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four different types of mushrooms sitting on top of each other
Windowsill clamp trays
There‘s never too many plants but sometimes too little space - unless you add a clamp tray and extend your windowsill or plant shelf 🪴🪴🪴 Windowsill clamp trays are perfect if you want to place more plants near the window so they get more light. you have cats or other pets that also want to have space on the windowsill. you want to make beautiful plant arrangements using clamp trays. you simply want to make more space for plants on your plant shelf or windowsill!
three plastic plates with plants in them sitting on a table next to a planter
Ufo planters with small houseplants
a white and red refrigerator sitting in a bathroom next to a basket on the floor
Quirky Bathrooms
there is a yellow table with pictures on it next to a potted plant and other items
2 of my most prized possessions: butter bench + corn stool 💛
a tiny figurine in the shape of a bottle with a bat on it
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