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The Last of Us - Ellie - Chibi by =Creamzie on deviantART
The Last of Us - Ellie (by Artgerm) Beautiful, I honestly think that whoever came up with Ellie's look is a genius she is just so imperfectly beautiful
Ellie being Ellie <3
Ellie is just my role model keeps her guard up and once her feelings got to her before she met Joel she wouldn't let that guard come back down.
If they want you, they're gonna have to fight me #lastofus
This is beautiful fan artwork...!!!!! Ellie | The Last Of Us •Alice X. Zhang
the last of us poster | designed this in Photoshop! Last of Us poster art
When Video Game Screenshots Look More Like Photos ~ Digital News Arena
Post-apocalyptic America, The Last of Us, 2013.