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Plant Pals Your indoor gardener may not get your "bad hair day" jokes, but the fun of this grassy-haired friend won't be lost on him. Like a Chia Pet, the project requires just a sprinkling of seeds, a bit of sun, and a few drops of patience.

Handprint Black Cat Craft for Kids

Handprint Black Cat Craft

Hand print kitty cat kids craft ideas // easy art activities and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

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Sene sonunda Karnenin yanında "Sınıfın En'leri Ödülü"nü  vermeye ne dersiniz?                Bunun için hazırladığım şablonların çıktıs...

Sene sonunda Karnenin yanında "Sınıfın En'leri Ödülü"nü vermeye ne dersiniz? Bunun için hazırladığım şablonların çıktıs...

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Okulöncesi Sanat ve Fen Etkinlikleri: Okulöncesi İplerle Tavşan Etkinliği

Yarn Silhouette Art Craft - This would be cute for any holiday, just use an appropriate cookie cutter to trace and cut out the shape, then whatever yarn works best for that holiday!

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*This post contains affiliate links Jar lids are something I’ve been collecting for a while, feeling sure that they would come in handy for some future repurposing craft idea (I may ha