A phenomenal example of embroidery in the Netherlands, with time lapse video of process. Breathtaking work. via PuurGoud

Phenomenal Example Of Gold Thread Embroidery In The Netherlands (Excellent Step By Step Graphic)


RosalieWakefield-Millefiori- Brazilian embroidery cast on with the left hand because of the Z-twist rayon floss.

IMG_8628.JPG (685×800)

Beautiful idea for a little Rose bouquet formed from Bullions - would look lovely in pinks and deep greens :)

From The Needlework Book by Wanda Passadore

Padded Satin Stitch Circles * Dolls And Daydreams - Doll And Softie PDF Sewing Patterns: Embroidery Techniques for Doll and Softie Faces

Triliums in Brazilian embroidery

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手工DIY 嘀咕图片 hydrangea embroidery

step by step hydrangea embroidery. It's a little cutesy for me, but I like the layered, ombre effect and could employ it with a more modern design.