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Best shrimp recipes

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2.8M views · 164K reactions | Easy smoked lemon butter shrimp on the pellet smoker | Easy smoked lemon butter shrimp on the pellet smoker | By Miguels cookingwithfire | Let's make some delicious smoked shrimp. These were super easy to make. Alright first the shrimp. They already been deveined and cleaned. I just leave the tail just for presentation purposes. So I'm going to be using garlic paste. That's going to be my binder for the seasoning. After that we're going to season it up. You're going to find all this in the comment section. But it's pretty much paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, parsley, So mix it all in and some New Mexico chili powder. If you don't have that you can always just use regular chili powder. So once you combine everything everything is really nicely mixed together. Now we're going to grab a carbon steel pan. And we're going to start laying the shrimp right in there. And we're going to lay it down in one single rolls like that. To put them all together. Just like so. Um you can put them I used to do them like in a kind of like a spinal thing. Spinal you know all the way around. Aspire aligning. But not anymore. I just do them like this. Single layer. Cuz when the butter melts in. Then it's they're all going to get it. It's not going to be just the bottom. Not the top shrimp. So this is my second time making these. These were like so delicious. So just like that. Just keep on going all the way. If you have a bigger you know pan you can do them. You can even do it on a stainless steel pan if you like. You don't have to use this one. But this on a carbon steel is pretty much cast iron and a stainless steel to what I understand. They're a combiner fuse or something. So just like so from here we're going to grab around I want to say a stick and a half of butter and then we're just going to lay that all on the very top of the shrimp. And we're going to be smoking these over cherry wood or chili cherry pellets. I'm going to be using the Next Grill Oakford pellet smoker for this. So just put your butter rod all over the top. You're not going to cover these and these smoke pretty quickly. You want to smoke these at 250 degrees for about 30 minutes. You know, I pulled them off when the internal temperature reached 140 and the way I can tell is with the instant wreath thermometer and these were jumbo shrimp. So, just let em smoke 15 minutes is how this looking like. Right around the 30-minute mark, they're pretty much done. Pull them off. We're just going to garnish with a little parsley and hit em with some lemon juice. So, these came out absolutely fantastic. Go and give em a go.
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