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1613009김혜인 화장실에서 가장 난감할 일을 재미난 이미지로 해결한 디자인인 것 같다. 만약 바로 옆이 욕실이라면 투명케이스가 있으면 좋을 것 같다. 휴지를 많이 사가면 창고에 쟁기기 마련인데 이 디자인을 보면서 왜 이렇게 간단한 생각을 못했는지 여태 고생한 일들이 떠오른다. 익숙한 것에 너무 무감각해지지 말아야 겠다.

Less stress with these storage hacks!

How to tie an amazing tie.

How to tie the Eldridge Tie knot. FYI you need an extra long tie. Look in stores that sell to very tall or big mens store. Normal ties are too short.

Wall Planters The Most Amazing Wall Decoration

Wall Planters from Apollo Box

Incredible shadow art by Fabrizio Corneli.

Special effects created by the light in photography.

Clever use of an uplighter to create clever shadowing to give the optical illusion of a female face projected onto this wall ❤

Fabrizio Corneli - RSA Shadow and Heritage

42 Lighting Decorations with Beautiful Implementation https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/7626-lighting-decors.html Check more at https://www.futuristarchitecture.com/7626-lighting-decors.html

42 Lighting Decorations with Beautiful Implementation - Futurist Architecture

Buena idea para aplicar una marca.

Love ideas like this, simple but so different, I'm guessing it's inspired by a sundial or just by light and shadow in general. Like the use of shadow as the design element!

lampadaire 'Trip and Drum" by RécUPAtiNe

During the late and early the world of stained glass underwent a major change. Louis Comfort Tiffany, a famous artist and designer of the Art Nouveau movement, revolutionized the way that stained glass was used in design.

I don't know if I would record in this studio, but they have a good designer for their logo. WD

This expresses new ways of thinking outside the box and creates this new way of thinking. It is a sign that not many hotels would have and creates an artistic look. Despite this the sign is not very luxurious.

Pintura fachada

wall floor feature Somos Fos - a vibrant installation designed for a vegan restaurant in Madrid. Such a fantastic idea. Painting yellow the area that looks like its the light