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Tokyo Ghoul || Rize Kamishiro

Kamishiro Rize - Tokyo Ghoul she wasn't in very many episodes but , meh does anyone know if Tokyo Ghoul is over i heard it was today but I am not sure:

Kaneki Ken

Kaneki looks like a Kpop member that moved to Korea and can never be found

Tokyo Ghoul (do you know how hard it is to remember to crack your knuckles that way instead of the regular way when it's already a habit? Reeeeeeally hard. I always forget and do it the other way instead -_-)

Tokyo Ghoul Tbh i do this all the time, like cracking my fingers like Kaneki. Painting my nails like Kaneki. Drinking coffee and imagine I am a ghoul. And then i cry, because Tokyo Ghoul is so fucked up und sad.

Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki Ken

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