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Kim woo bin~ makes me wanna go on a yacht with him :p

Beast in "Shadow" concept photos! ^-^

How can this guy be all bad-ass on stage and like this the rest of the time?!

4th Batch Of Elle Spreads Of Kim Soo Hyun From The January 2015 Issue | Couch Kimchi

チャングンソク アジアツアー THE LAST in SEOUL[2010.9.5][画像67枚|チャン・グンソク☆一緒にZIKZIN♪

Oh Sehun, you are quite possibly the only person that rainbow hair suits so well. It's kind of amazing.

Fated to Love You ♡ can't wait to watch this Kdrama and see if it is as good as the original!

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If you love Asian Drama...this should be a no-brainer!