Ayşegül Kırmızıtaş

Ayşegül Kırmızıtaş

Ayşegül Kırmızıtaş
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Parallel Line Balsa Wood Necklace

My wardrobe these days has mainly consisted of solid colored shirts, blouses, and sweaters, which leave me with a nice canvas for bold an.

DIY Balsa Wood Planters

Having plants around the house is great, but it's even better when they have cute homes of their own. This DIY Balsa Wood Planters project is the perfect way to house your personal flora.

Balloon Pin House (3)

This fun new pin cushion by UK designer Clive Roddy promises to elevate your pushpin storage in a manner reminiscent of the Pixar film Up. The tiny wooden house with a large cork sphere can sit on a desk or mount to a cork-board or wall for easy storage.