Шьем мягкие домашние тапочки | Мамам, женщинам, бабушкам и очень любознательным.

Умелые ручки

Tunik (İcLaL)

Without the headcovering and the heavy goldchain it is a really nice light spring coat.

Thai fisherman pants.  Tie from either side over to the opposite hip.  Tie both sides to meet equally in the middle.  Tie both side toward the middle one over the other.  Tie a knot in the front, gather the "pocket' that is created beneath, pull it up and tuck it into the waistband from the front..

Ladies Ty pants mens ohm & Hindi! Cute @C0204 [Asian fashion Asian ethnic ヒモパンツ pants waist-print pattern stonewash] | Tai long pants pants |