Nej Cey

Can anyone tell me what Stitch is used for the flowers? Is it the Buttonhole Stitch like making a wagon wheel? Work done by Designer Nej Cey. No Link Image Only. jwt If you know leave me a comment.

Delicate Poppies Vintage Hand Embroidered Centrepiece MAT | eBay

Delicate Poppies ~ Vintage Hand Embroidered Centrepiece/Mat Good use of five basic stitches: buttonhole, stem, detatched chain, satin, and french knot.

Here we have my very first original hand embroidered mandala design! The others I've done in the past have been from purchased patterns. I really enjoyed creating this. Embroidery hoop art by Suosaari on Etsy.

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20 Beautiful Hand Embroidery Designs

20 Beautiful Hand Embroidery DesignsEmbroidery has been one of the most common and long known needle work and has been in vogue for ages. Times have changed and so have these arts become quite difficult and exquisite but even now there are many people&

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