Visual motor activity. Child walks on a thin colored string. uses visual and motor abilities.

(large motor skill)A fun creative way to build SO many skills (balance, kinestethia, visual motor, self-regulation).the list goes on!

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Princesses, Pies, & Preschool Pizzazz: Pom-Pom Color Fun for Toddlers

Princesses, Pies, & Preschool Pizzazz: Pom-Pom Color Fun for Toddlers - fun motor skill development

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Okay, so I didn’t post two days this week.   That is not normal for me, but having the kids home from school all week because of snow days is also not normal for me.   It totally throws me out of sync.  I cannot just sit and work on my computer, or work on any DIY projects for that matter, while the boys are home.  It also doesn’t help that I have been down in my back for almost a week.  I could have stressed out about it all, but I chose not to.  I’m thankful that I could take a “break”…

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