Amazing DIY Headband Tutorials

Amazing DIY Headband Tutorials

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DIY: tassels

Tie a Tassel

fabric bow tutorial

How to Make Fabric Bows Tutorial

Learn how to make fabric bows with this great picture tutorial! Free bow template provided in 2 sizes. These rounded fabric bows are the cutest!


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Love this DIY.

DIY Pocket Patch Shorts, I've been meaning to change some pockets.

How to make cute hair bows with ribbon

How to make cute hair bows with ribbon yes this is for kids but you can use smaller ribbon for lps and do the same thing and make it your own!

easy apron

Repurposed dress shirt into a apron. Haphazard musings and creations: 2 hour apron

DIY Braided Headband

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wave stitch

wave stitch- again one of the translatable w/decent pics of process. Can be used in wave bracelets, necklace ropes.or fan earrings with a little tweeking.

How to Make a Swimsuit Top From an Old Bra

How to Make a Swimsuit Top From an Old Bra