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scented Cheeka mini fruit banana camouflage squishy by Puni Maru - Cute Squishy Shop

scented pink jumbo penguin with eyes open squishy by Puni Maru - Cute Squishy Shop

DIY: Cute Panda Donut Squishy Tutorial ♥ - YouTube

Welcome Mint Family to a new tutorial♥ I am sorry for not uploading videos as often, but I was really busy studying for my finals.

DIY Mini Burger Squishy Tutorial (Make Up Sponge)

* Check out my other homemade squishy tutorial videos using Make Up Sponges: Chocolate Bar Squishy - https:.

Molang marshmallow squishy tutorial ❣ (using cosmetic sponges)

I hope you find the tutorial helpful haha. I was planning to make adventure's time squishy but instead, I made molang mashmallow hahaha :D ✂-----------------.

big pink orange yellow Jumbo bread squishy by Kiibru - Cute Squishy Shop