Clipart of Blue and green with red colored Design Ornament

Clipart of Blue and green with red colored Design Ornament - Search Clip Art, Illustration Murals, Drawings and Vector EPS Graphics Images -

Persian art; I have stamps that look like this....good color scheme to use

Persian art* NOTE: please see comment below regarding the origin of this art style;good color scheme to use

Persian Illumination

Introduction to the Traditional Art of Persian Illuminations مقدمة لفن التذهيب التقليدي الإيراني


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Moroccan tiles - Arabic patterns - Instant Download - Set of 12 Paper - 12x12…

The crucial role of in art (© Dana Awartani) *Peace between millions of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists - we are being manipulated against one another slow wars by The United States of Israel *

ما شاء الله  احب اشوفك كل يوم يرتاح فؤادي والقلب داب من البعاد يا طول عذابي  يا سيدي شوف ذلُي اليك والامتثال حرام عليك ارحم ودادي  رأيت خياله في المنام محلاه يا وعدي اه اه اه اه اه  والفكر تاه من الجمال زود في وجدي  يا روحي راح عقلي عليك واقول كمان وحياة عينيك تحفظ لي عهدي اه اه اه اه اه          كلمات: حسن انور ألحان: محمد عبد الوهاب

Tezhip is a traditional style of illuminated illustration originated in the Ottoman Empire. This technique is used to decorate ceramics, books, in architecture and more.


“Continue painting on the outer shell with gold (gouache) and some crimson.

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“Although the road is never ending take a step and keep walking, do not look fearfully into the distance. On this path let the heart be your guide for the body is hesitant and full of fear.


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