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Use the Roll Ratio formula to get it close!

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The Hybrid Swing Plane | Golf Equipment Store

Today I have another great article by Jeff Richmond that explains the Hybrid Golf Swing Plane he advocates and teaches. Let's get started... The Hybrid Golf Swing Plane By Jeff Richmond A big tenant of the one plane golf swing is usually to return the driver to exactly the same position it turned out (in terms of the shaft plane line) at address. Thats what Moe Norman and Ben Hogan did. But lets find out how some with the top golfers over the last ten years fare in terms of that's concerned…

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The Main Exercise to Improve Golf Swing Technique Drastically | Ben's Golf Swing

Like some other sports, golf requires that you be fit and strong physically and mentally. This is very crucial in order to enhance your swing movement. To achieve this, golfers need to do certain exercises to boost the swing effectively. Every movement in the swing movement will demand body and muscles movement. That is why performing some rudimentary exercises is vital to bolster the core muscles which means that your golf swing can become natural on the body. This matter is often…