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Muito engraçado vc em lawliet -_-

*Ba Dum Tss* L with that clever pun

The difference between Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Black.

The love of Dorea Potter (James' mother)

Harry Potter House Cats (I need this one too!!)

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Potter Cats...

Only this post make Voldemort cute

"But I live here too! Damn it mate, why couldn't you keep your trap shut? Please Mrs Potter, you're supposed to be punishing your son, not me! I didn't do anything! Well, I didn't do much of it. Anyway, Snape was asking for it, weren't he, James? AND Snape called James' 'girlfriend' a mudblood! He, no, WE had every right to curse him!" - Sirus Black

james potter and his mum-stolen from teen wolf but it works so well

Minerva McGonagall meets James Sirius Potter

Minerva McGonagall meets James Sirius Potter<<< I love this but I'm sorry eleven/twelve year olds do NOT look like that like he looks like he's six<<< true

Oh Sirius.

Snape hated the Marauders for many reasons.

The best part of this is that each character actually looks how they were described in the books vs how they were cast in the movies. I think the people they cast for James and Lily would have been great, if the characters were older

Lily, James and Sirius discuss Harry and Ginny. Then Snape makes an appearance. A little lighthearted fun. Resemblance by =julvett on deviantART

Hahaha that would totally be Sirius

(Skating by julvett on deviantART - James, Lily & Sirius - Harry Potter - The Marauders) Full credit for this piece goes to the person mentioned above! I love the creativeness of this, and the artwork is beautiful!

Older Lily and Snape by on @deviantART

Older Lily and Snape in heaven and is that james and sirius in the background? Man this is funny XD