Grilles Coeurs en boîtes - Carton-Marie, freebie box hearts, thanks so xox

Grilles Coeurs en boîtes - Carton-Marie, site in French but pattern perfectly readable.this would make a cute wedding sampler!

Petit point roses.

a bellpull I created for "calling the servants".on the stairs with a bell attached

beaded purse

Set of 2 Miriam Haskell Frank Hess Large Beaded Dress Clips - Gordon Confirmed.

cross stitch pillow kits - Google leit

Collection DArt Cross Stitch Kit 16 x 16 ~ BLEUET Pillow Sale in Crafts, Needlecrafts & Yarn, Cross Stitch & Hardanger

vintage petit point (needlepoint) compact

From my Board: Compacts vintage petit point (needlepoint) compact