An Ottoman Musician

Stanislaus von Chlebowski (Polish, A Musician Playing before a Mosque in Constantinople

"The Carpet Seller" by Rudolph-Swoboda

Tema da Pintura: Cenas Orientais!

Ludwig Deutsch: The Scribe

The Scribe Artist: Ludwig Deutsch (Austrian, Signed and dated Paris 1896 Medium: Oil on Panel Size: 20 by 15 in by 38 cm)

Francesco Ballesio The Carpet Sellers

Francesco Ballesio The Carpet Sellers painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Francesco Ballesio The Carpet Sellers painting is available at custom size.

"An Arab Schoolmaster" - (1889) → Ludwig Deutsch - 1855/1935 - Áustria.

An Arab Schoolmaster Ludwig Deutsch Touchstones Rochdale Arts and Heritage Centre Painting - oil on panel

Frederick Arthur Bridgman (american) - Queen of the brigands

Amar é uma arte !–Galeria 22

Silk merchants -- artist Edwin Lord Weeks (1849-1903).

The Silk Merchants- by orientalist painter Edwin Lord Weeks (American) India – showing life in the streets… notice the wood work in the Architecture. and the Persian or Iranian dress of the Merchants orientalism