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36 Clever and Quirky Packaging Designs

Absolut Vodka Brochure.

Inspired brochure design for Absolut Vodka. Great use of their now widely recognisable bottle brand.

Whitebites Package Design

Whitebites is a creative packaging project by a student Cecilia Uhr. She’s noticed that there are lack of variety of packaging designs for dog foods and snacks. So Uhr

Kids raisins packaging that can be converted into paper toys!

toy designer jobs Kids raisins packaging that can be converted into paper toys .

Olizon Olive Oil

Olizon is an natural, biological olive oil. The innovation of the certain label that i designed,is that it is printed on a transparent sticke…

Oliveo Olive Oil

Designed by Studio , India . Oliveo is a Spanish based Olive Oil Company. The brief given to us was to build a brand identity based.

Lennar’s “Spencer’s Crossing” community brochure.

FMM GFW Inspo Orgami leaflet Self promotion idea. I've pinned a few examples of this idea before - but this one is a real eye-catcher.

Reina. Embossing on glass.

Reina on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

Pietro Gala. Package with a die-cut.

Pietro Gala” is a new premium pasta brand, distinguished by handcraft manufacturing and high quality ingredients. Fresh chicken agency developed the brand name, character and designed production package.