Knitting buttonholes

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Buttonholes in knitting

Alexandra Parnos-Athanassiou
Knitting one-row button holes: A simple method for creating a button hole in a knitted work. If the button you're using is 4 stitches wide, make a 3-stitch buttonhole; for a 5-st-wide button, make a 4-stitch buttonhole, & etc.

Knitting one-row button holes

In this video from , Amy shares with you a simple method for creating a button hole in a knitted work.If the button you're using ...

Knitting Buttonholes

Knitting Instructions

You can use the simple knit and purl stitches to make many wonderful things. But don't stop there! Challenge yourself with the techniques in this article, and knitting will continue to be an exciting adventure.

One Row Buttonhole - and other useful tutorials


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Button closure

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No button holes!

Loop Closures Done on the Passap

I found an article in Duet International Magazine Number 18 March 1994 by Pat Cook on an alternative to fastening a garment with a loop and button. I thought it looked unique and there is no sewing…

machine knit button bands

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Vertical Buttonhole by Diana Sullivan

Knitted Vertical Buttonhole by Diana Sullivan

Machine knit a terrific buttonhole in a ribbed band! Just a littletaste from Diana's new Knit Leader Course.