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The wavy look to this black and white female character's eyes is unique.

✮ ANIME ART ✮ anime boy. . .school uniform. . .blazer. . .tie. . .smile. . .penguin. . .sparkling. . .sketch. . .doodle. . .pencil. . .graphite. . .cute. . .kawaii

Aaa- that's a beautiful blue. Blue is my favourite colour, you know. It's magnificent.

Arina Tanemura's work. I love the style of anime drawn here

wisst ihr andere beschweren sich weil sie husten und Rauch einatmen aber wenn ich eine Maske trage dann ist das auch doof weil mich jeder dann anguckt

cute anime pencile sketch - Google Search

Melted crayon art - 16 x 20 canvas, 3 packs of crayons cut in half, hot glue gunned down, and melted with a hair dryer. Black and white photos in the middle to make it look like the color has melted out of the photos

How are people so damn creative when I can't even think of a good idea to spice up my coffee?

Kids Room Decor, baby penguin, handpainted original art. $35.00, via Etsy.

OH MY GOSH!!!! its so cute I'm gonna die!