Now this is a bargello I would love to make!

Denver Quilt Show 2011 Della Morris- Francis Idaho Springs, CO Machine Pieced and Quilted, Original Design


Bargello Magic How To Design Your Own By Pauline Fischer And Anabel Lasker Vintage Needlepoint Book 1972

bargello needlepoint

Little examples of Bargello needlepoint - I shall try these before moving on to something larger


Bargello Needlepoint Hand Embroidered Decorative Pillow Oceans Aqua Cushion Monaco Blue and Matching Plain Pillow Cushion


by Colorado needleartist/designer Toni Gerdes. Isn't this a beautiful adaptation of the bargello pomegranate? Toni Gerdes did a wonderful.

Polski Needlepoint @Af's 17/2/13

*** Montre plusieurs points du genre et intéressants *** Polski Needlepoint

Beautiful bargello needlepoint

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