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a collage of photos with the caption that reads, dreamfyne @ dreamfyne @ dreamfyne @ dreamfy one of the cute thing hod gave us was show baby aegon for entire episode
Baby Aegon!!!
#houseofthedragon #targaryen #helaenatargaryen #Teamgreen #green #aegontargaryen #aegon #rhaenyratargaryen #rhaenyra #daemon #viserys #alicenthightower
a painting of a woman holding a sheep
the white haired man is wearing goggles and holding a wine glass in his hand
Ewan Mitchell
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the white haired man with long hair and glasses is making faces in four different pictures
game of thrones, the white haired man with long hair and glasses
a woman with long blonde hair and glasses on her face
a woman with long white hair and black eye makeup
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a man with long white hair holding two swords in front of other men and women
two pictures of the same person with glasses on their face and one has an eye patch
game of thrones season 3 episode 2 recaping the final scene with daener and daener
a group of people standing next to each other