The two fish seem to glide right through the type as if a stream was moving through. Successful infusion of image and text. I like the movement the shape of the fish creates although the text is a bit hard to read

Study of the moon and stars.  Ottoman miniature from 17th century.   Istanbul.

Emily would love this piece because it is the study of the moon and stars with Ottoman people miniature picture from century. This a type of Istanbul portrait.

Islamic tiles at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Islamic tiles at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi renkler muhteşem çok seviyorum


Minyatür - "Ey cemali gül yüzü bedr-i münir / Ey kamu düşmüşlere sen destgir"…

Koi Fish Tattoo Design Idea

Koi Fish Tattoo Design Idea

Doctors and other people have always claimed that tattoos are permanent, and the only way to remove them is through invasive skin abrasion and laser treatment. These procedures are quite costly and are skin damaging, placing you under a lot of pain.

Tarih in tozlu raflarından bilmediklerimiz  Tarih > Cyber-Warrior.Org

Tarih in tozlu raflarından bilmediklerimiz. What we know from the dusty shelves of history.