Ali İhsan Kılınç

Ali İhsan Kılınç

Ali İhsan Kılınç
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Ball and String Puzzle

I made the main pieces with scrap wood and an old piece of rope. I purchased the wood beads from a craft store bu…


Portable Coffee Maker // simply plug the Handpresso into your car and have fresh brewed espresso on the go within minutes. Buy at www.espressooutle… Similar to the new Minipresso – the Handpresso Auto and the Handpresso Wild are the original portable espr

The iBam 2 is a natural bamboo speaker for your smartphone | Ubergizmo

For those who are all about sustainability and going green, the iBam 2 bamboo speakers might be worth taking a look at. Designed for the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy these bamboo speakers…

Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy. Great simple Danish design.

Flash drive bracelets at By Nordvik on Etsy.The minimalist USB bracelet designs feature drives tethered to braided cords, which means you should can have up to 8000 photos or songs with you at any time.


The watermelon flash drive is exactly what is sounds like, a jump drive that looks just like a slice of watermelon, and is perfect for people how love the sweet and moist taste of fresh watermelon, bu.