Paisleys and others. I can see this as embroidery, a cookie design, patches on a cute tote bag, limitless ideas with this.


Fashion on pearls (a selection and a bonus) \/ Jewelry and costume jewelry \/ the hands - patterns, alteration of clothes, an interior decor the hands - from Second Street // Sona Sargsyan

Flo Recaps Her Sophie’s Universe Crochet Experience (Crochet Concupiscence)

French Knit Necklace Ornamented with Lace, Beads and Charms by LineofVision…

New to irregularexpressions on Etsy: Beaded lace necklace - crocheted with yellow orange magenta pink indigo and turquoise blue beads USD)

An ‘uçkur’ (sash / waist band), generally worn by women. From the rural Sakarya region (north of Bilecik), 1900-1950. Stylized vegetable motifs. Open work embroidery with polychrome silk on cotton. Small sections embroidered with ‘gold’ metal thread. Both embroidery techniques are ‘two-sided’ (identical on both sides). (Kavak Collection of Anatolian Textiles -Antwerpen/Belgium).

An ‘uçkur’ (sash / waist band), generally worn by women. From the rural…

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Ruh ve sinir hastalari icin edilecek dua ~ Kuaza

Bright Red Macrame Choker Necklace with Evil Eye Acrylic Beads and Yellow - Black - Green - Dark Blue Seed Beads, brown coins on the edge

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