Giveaway! Amamani Puzzle Balls by Dedri Uys - Petals to Picots

Giveaway! Amamani Puzzle Balls by Dedri Uys

Amamani Puzzle Balls - crochet animals based on amish puzzle balls - a book of patterns

Paksha The Peacock Amigurumi Pattern

Paksha the Peacock amigurumi pattern by Janine Holmes at Moji-Moji Design

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Eleanor the Elephant Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball by Lookatwhatimade

"Eleanor" is a Crochet Elephant Puzzle and is the third in my Amamani series. The pattern is based on the original Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball.

PATRÓN - Lindo mono azul

Cute Blue Monkey Amigurumi Monkey Toy This is an Amigurumi Monkey Crochet Pattern, not a finished toy.

Dinosaurio Amamani 2

Amamani is short for Amigurumi Amish Puzzle Animals. They are based on the traditional Amish puzzle ball and, as such, come apart into three segments or rings, which have to be assembled to form the a