I know it's all in Japanese but an experienced crocheter might be able to work it out from the pictures and numbers.

堆糖-美好生活研究所 Wish I could understand the language. Pinned but NOT sure it;s free - so fantastic. Will watch to see if Pinterest deletes it. Sadly, people do "share" paid patterns all over the net.

прибавка - 2 Maschen in eine цифра кол-во СБН - 3 zusammenhäkeln в одну петлю - 3 Maschen in eine cc - соединительный столбик - Kettmasche

sweetღheart (вязание, хендмейд, иллюстрации) | VK

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The first part of the tutorial is available here. Today I will show you how to make Celestia’s eyes. Eyes should be crocheted with thread which is 4 times thinner than the thread used for the body. I

Celestia (My Little Pony) Free Amigurumi Pattern Modification – part 2 (EYES) (Stuff The Body)