Lissa Hunter minature baskets in frame - I actually want to do something just like this with the Ikea Expedit in our guest room. Right now there's a mish mash of "stuff" in it. Instead I want to choose something consistent to collect for the Expedit squares. The "something" must be smaller than 12" x 12" x 12".

Lissa Hunter minature baskets in frame- beautiful- would love a collection of these to display.

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Turkish tile. #azulejos #blue

Iznik Ceramic Tile Floral Design - Buy Iznik Tile Product on

An Ottoman Iznik Style Floral Design Pottery Polychrome, By Adam Asar, No 36 - Round Beach Towel

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Nicholas Riley Iznik Tile

This vibrant Iznik design is another wonderful tile from our volunteer Nicholas Riley.

Terracotta female figurine with bird-like face and pierced ears, Greece: Mycenaeans (Room 12b), British Museum by carolemadge1, via Flickr

Bronze age Etruscan terracotta female figurines with bird-like face and pierced ears from Etruscan Aegean colony British Museum

African Pottery | from the Tribal Arts Collection

The Dick Jemison Tribal Art Collections, African Ceramics Collection